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Practice, persistence and performance when inculcated in the meticulous guidance of master minds are sure to produce the output of excellence in terms of career and development of holistic personality, and this is the mere objective of a brand called Resonance.

Resonance was founded on 11th April, 2001 by Mr. R.K. Verma, B.Tech, Electrical and Electronics from IIT Madras. Coming from an obscure town to becoming the top educationist in the field of education, enabling students from all parts of the country to realize their dreams of IIT, Mr. R.K. Verma has indeed come a long way.

The institute is having its own Study Centres which are offering Classroom Programmes for IIT-JEE at Kota, Jaipur (2005), Bhopal (2007), Delhi (2008), Lucknow (2008), Kolkata (2008), Nagpur (2008), Mumbai (2008), Udaipur (2010), Bengaluru (2010) and Bhubaneswar (2010), Ahmedabad (2010), Patna (2011), Visakhapatnam (2011). These Study Centres are not franchisees. They are established and managed by Resonance, Kota.

The institute has also entered into associations with some of the reputed schools across the country for the Integrated In-School Classroom Contact Programmes for the preparation of IIT-JEE.

Resonance formally launched its Distance Learning Programmes through its DLP Division during the Academic Session 2005-06 looking at the need of students who can not leave their native places for education.

The Institute has diversified its portfolio by launching AIEEE & AIPMT division in the Academic Session 2010-11.

Resonance launched its Pre-Foundation Career Care Programmes (PCCP) Division in 2006.The target of this is to offer platform for International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) and National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) for class IX and X respectively. Along with preparation for private Olympiads of classes V to VIII. Preparing for these examinations is a tough task in such competitive environment but with correct guidance of PCCP Division, it can be achieved easily.

Core Features of PCCP Divsion

These features are applicable on all courses offered by PCCP Division

  1. Concept building through theory, illustrations and derivations in the classes using Unique Teaching Methodology to clear all the basic doubts and building strong foundation for future.
  2. Comprehensive & best study material.
  3. Series of Workshops & Mock Tests for best preparation of various Competitive Exams.
  4. Doubt Clearing Sessions and regular academic feedback of home work checking with verification through parent’s signature.
  5. Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) are discussed in classrooms to challenge students in time bound manner to boost revision of the students.
  6. Periodic Assessment Test (Objective) to develop competitive temperament and regular evaluation.
  7. Subjective and school examination preparatory tests.
  8. Periodic Batch Reshuffling to generate the spirit of competition.
  9. School Examination Preparatory Sheets (SEP Sheets).
  10. Regular Students' Academic Performance & Evaluation Report (SAPER) Sheet available on website.
  11. Parents, Teachers & Students Meeting on regular basis.
  12. Conduction of Motivational Classes & Counselling Session.
  13. National Talent Benchmark Tests (NTBT) to judge performance between thousands of students across India.
  14. Intimation of student’s attendance & discipline to parents through SMS on regular basis.