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Student/Parent Zone

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of Resonance. As a responsible Institute we have always tried to take utmost care of your ward. This section is especially dedicated to Parents of wards studying at Resonance. Here you can access a host of services that will help to know more about yours wards performance at Resonance and also about the various services that we provide here at Resonance.

The services are divided into two categories:

  1. Login Services: These require a login and password to access.
  2. Non Login Services: These are directly accessible.

The Login Services are as below:

Student Academic Performance and Evaluation Report (SAPER)(Click Here)

Student Competitive Examination Performance(Click Here)

Grievance Redressal System (Click Here)

The Non Login Services are as below:

Weekly Time Table (click here)

Classroom Test Seatplan

Premium Course Planner

Regular Course Planner

Evening Course Planner 24 Apr.2017

Winner & Wisdom Course Planner

About Competitive Examinations (click here)

NTBT Test Syllabus (click here)

PCCP Event Calendar