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Refund Policy

No. of Days (From Course Commencement) Amount to be deducted from deposit Fee (in Rs.)
Class-5th to 7th Class-8th to 10th
0 - 7 Days 10000 15000
8 - 15 Days 15000 20000
16 - 30 Days 20000 25000
31 - 45 Days 30000 35000
45 - 60 Days 40000 45000
After 60 Days No refund No refund

Note :

  • No. of days will be calculated from the date of course commencement. It will not be calculated from the date when student has joined the course.
  • If a student deposit the fee and does not attempt any class then the deducted amount will be Rs. 10000/-. (for class 5th to 7th), Rs. 15000/-. (for class 8th to 10th).

Few Example of Refund Rules

Example – 1

If a student has deposited Rs. 40000/- & applies for the refund on 14th day then Rs. 15000/- (for class 5th to 7th), Rs. 20000/-.(for class 8th to 10th) will be deducted & Rs. 25000 (for class 5th to 7th) and Rs. 20000/- (for class 8th to 10th) will be refunded.

Example – 2

If a student has deposited Rs. 25000/- which is his final fees after scholarship & he applies for the refund on 39th day on which Rs. 30000/- (for class 5th to 7th) and Rs. 35000/- (for class 8th to 10th) is to be deducted. Since student has deposited only Rs. 25000/-, his entire amount will be deducted & nothing will be refunded.

# NOTE : Sunday will be calculated as working day because we conduct Periodic Test/Major Test/Open Tests & Computer Lab/Self Study facility.

Process of Fee Refund

If a student wants to leave the institute and opts for fee refund he/she should follow:

  • Collect the pre-formatted application of fee refund from institute's fee counter and fill it completely.
  • Submit the filled-in refund application along with attachments (Original Fee Receipt(s), Original Identity Card, Cancelled Cheque
  • Refund application considered only if student applied through Pre-Formatted Refund Application Form (available at H.O. & Study Centres in Hard Copy). Verbal communication, WhatsApp communication, SMS communication or applied through E-mail shall not be entertained. It is expected to submit your refund apply form with requisite documents as mentioned above.
  • Collect the Acknowledgment Receipt of Refund Application duly signed & stamped by institute's authority and keep it for future reference.
  • We issue the fee refund only by online mode by transfer through NEFT to the Account No. provided in the Application Form.
  • The fee refund transfer shall be done within 14 working days (for students enrolled at Kota) & 21 working days (for students enrolled at study centres) from the refund application (it may take more time if the documents are not complete).
  • If the student/parents face any problem in the process of course fee refund; the office of Manager-Operations/ Centre Manager can be approached personally/telephonically or through letter/e-mail/fax etc.
  • The student/parents should understand that fee refund is a part of institute's policy and we follow the refund rules & regulations as mentioned above in letter & spirit. However, if the request of refund is submitted (in written with required documents) after the 'refund dates' are over, the institute shall not entertain it. Moreover, refund requests made verbally/orally or through telephone/e-mail/fax shall also not be entertained.
  • Any legal matter/dispute related to fee refund is subject to Kota City (Rajasthan) Jurisdiction only.
  • The Management of Resonance reserves the sole right to decide in the matter of fee refund.
  • Fee Refund on Disciplinary Grounds: This is a very special provision regarding fee refund. If a whole Batch/Class or majority of its students are found to be involved in an incident of indiscipline at any point of time during the academic session; the entire Batch/Class or majority of students may be rusticated from the institute. In such a case, the fee refund will be as per the refund rules.