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Contact Person :Mr. Tara Chand Suman
Coordinator (Academic /Operation)
Office Meeting Hours :10:00 AM - 06:30 PM

Academics Queries

1.) What are the material resonance provided to the students?
3.Class Notes
4.Home Assignments

2.) Do you provide answer key and solutions after PT & CT?
Yes we provide the answer key after the completion of the test.

3). How do you help students in preparing for competitive exams?
Resonance-PCCP Division conducts Workshops, Mock Tests or All India Test Series to help students in preparing for competitive exams.

4.) How can one check the student performance on Resonance website?
It can be checked by Login @ PCCP ,there is a option for Student click on that and enter the student's Roll no then click on Submit and you can see the performance analysis of a student.