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Resonance, PCCP Division : The first coaching centre who started nurturing the students for various examinations at an early stage.
The Division organizes various workshops throughout the year to train the young minds for national & international level examinations.
"Here, we give our students a friendly atmosphere for active learning. The training we impart, creates the real assessment of proficiency what students believe they have. Competition is good for the growth of a student. Without competition, one would be inefficient to match up with the rising standards in this highly modern competitive world."

Our aim is to
• To motivate the students to participate in various competitive examinations.
• To create awareness about the various competitive exams available for students.
• To prepare the students to face the challenges of the competitive exams.
• To train the students with updated information.

Summer Workshop

About workshop

Two Weeks Academic Workshop during Summer Vacations for the preparation of Competitive Exams which are conducted at National & International Level like NTSE, IJSO, PRMO, NMTC, OLYMPIAD etc. The workshops serve as a platform for students to upgrade their knowledge level in a way that increases their ability to perform in many different realms.

These workshops serve as platform to students for upgrading their knowledge level in a way that increases their ability to platform in different realms.


Class 5 to 10 Students

Workshop Schedule :

Phase 1

18 May 2020 to 30 May 2020

Phase 2

01 June 2020 to 13 June 2020


7:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Doubt Class

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM


4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Workshop Features

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Orientation Session
On the first day of workshop, Orientation Session is organized by Resonance for parents & students where workshop is brief along with workshop target & its aim.

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Mentoring by EXPERTS
Consistent mentoring by experts as it plays an important role in students life to boost their confidence & motivate them towards their target.

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Study Material
Classroom teaching is supplemented with futuristic study material in the form of modules, which provide sequential theory of a particular chapter with exercises.

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Intensive Lectures
Workshop is organized Target-wise & Class-wise. Classes are taken by expert faculty members as per the schedule.

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Daily Doubt Solving Sessions
We have dedicated doubt clearing sessions where student can clear their doubt after every class. It’s a one-to-one doubt session so that student can have plenty of time to understand the concept.

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DPPs (Daily Practice Problem)
Designed for a student’s self-understanding of a topic. DPPs are handed over daily to the students for practice after every session.

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Skill Interest Based Activities
Various activities are organised during the workshop with an objective to enhance skills in different subjects & develop their interest.

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Mock Test Conduction
Mock Tests are conducted during the workshop as it makes familiar to the students with the paper pattern of targeted exam.

Study Material

  • Classroom Notes
  • Subject-wise Booklets
  • DPP's (Daily Practice Problems)

Special Features

  • Intensive theory classes by Experts
  • Daily Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Mock test for Academic Evaluation
  • Various Activities


Ph. No.: 0744-2777769, 08824078330

Dear Student/Parent,

Welcome to our Workshop Calendar. Here you can register for various (one or more) workshops/events being organised by Resonance.

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2. After confirming your choice of events from the wish list you can proceed to registration.

3. You will be required to create an account before that, you are supposed to fill the account profile form.

4. You will get a Participant No and Registration No which should be remembered for reference.

5. After registration you can make the payment and print tickets for workshop/events after the payment confirmation.

In case of doubt/problem please contact PCCP Helpdesk at 7728890102, 0744-2777769 or Mail at